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How to make Windows look like Mac OSX (with Images) What is it: If you are someone crazy about Macbook and using a Windows OS then this post is for you.

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They have also included this with their latest laptops and their iMac's. Recentl. ... Step 10: Your screen should look like the screen example below. . . Step 11: ...

macos - Make Windows 10 File Explorer look like Mac OSX ... I'm switching from a Mac to a PC with Windows 10. Is there anyway (either 1st party or 3rd party) to make the File Explorer in Windows 10 look like Finder's column ... HOW TO: Create a Mac Theme for Windows 7 - Yes, it's not the most dramatic makeover, but in a very short amount of time, we've taken Windows 7 and given it enough subtle Mac-like touches that it will feel just a bit homier to Mac fans. How To Make Windows 8.1 Look Like Windows 7 Just follow the below mentioned instructions to make your Windows 8/8.1 look and feel like Windows 7. NOTE: We advise you create a system restore point so that you can quickly revert to original Windows 8/8.1 look. How to make Windows 7 Icons look like Mac Icons? Solved ...

Will this change all user's desktops to look like mac, or just the admin's? Or can I do it as a user with the correct password? Or can I do it as a user with the correct password? This thread is locked. Make your Mac More Like Windows 7 with HyperDock | Techerator Utilities like HyperDock give you the best of both worlds, and what I like best about this app is that it works seamlessly, without the flaky unpredictability that I associate with Windows UI enhancements that I have tried in the past. It’s turned out to be worth every penny.

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macbuntu : install macbuntu 17.04 Mac OS X Yosmite Theme for Ubuntu 17 04 You will get mac themes for ubuntu 16.04 and also you can know How to install mac t...

How to Make Windows 10 More Like the Mac OS X Posted by Matthew on November 28, 2018 Diehard fans of Apple and Windows have been locked in mortal combat for years over which system is better.